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Facts about Khao Lak,
the new destination in the South of Thailand,
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The Tides in Khao Lak the Dream Beach in the Tropics...

Khao Lak Beach (5K)

... Khao Lak Beach

... at the beautiful
Andaman Sea

Clear water (2K)
  Sita Garden - Khao Lak

Ferienhaeuser am Strand

natural and comfortable bungalows,

Beach bar (3K)  

cool beach restaurants
and cosy beach bars,

Gorgeous Waterfalls

many activities in an unspoilt nature,

Natural Beach (3K)

memorable excursions to fishing villages, coral reefs, bizarre rock formations, islands, caves, and waterfalls in the nearby jungle.

The Tides in Khao Lak

In Khao Lak there is Low Tide twice a day and High Tide twice a day, every 6 hours.
The tides are very pronounced, different from Ko Samui for example.
The tide difference is about two meters. This results of course in a wide variation of
the beach from 5 to 50 metres in some areas.
Depending on the moon phases this is more or less, at fullmoon most. 
For beach walkers it is important to know when the few rivers can be crossed.

There are now several websites with the tides of Khao Lak available.
This surfer website shows the tides in Khao Lak for the next 10 days:
Khao Lak Tides Tables in German

Thus a Khao Lak tourist can easily answer these questions for himself:

When are the rivers fordable?
When can we go beach walking in the morning?
When is the best time for snorkelling at the house reef?
(Tip: Start 3 hours before high water.)
When can we walk along the beach to the restaurants or bars?
By what time should we walk back from the beach bar?

 May we book your holiday bungalow at Khao Lak for you?

The resorts at  

Khaolak South

Sunset Beach - Khao Lak

Nang Thong Beach - Khao Lak

Bang Niang Beach - Khao Lak

Khuk Khak Beach - Khao Lak

Bang Sak Beach - Khao Lak

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