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Competent information about Khao Lak,
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Khao Lak - Sunset Beach

A dream beach in the tropics...

Khao Lak Beach (5K)

...Sunset Beach
(Khao Lak) the beautiful
Andaman Sea

Klares Meer (2K)

Swimming in the sea
around the clock,

Natural Bungalow

Komfortables Resort      

comfortable rooms and bungalows,

Strandbar (3K)

cool beach restaurants and beach cafes,

Eine schöne Höhle (4K)

many activities in an unspoilt nature,

Sunset Beach at Khao Lak Resort (4K)

memorable excursions to fishing villages, coral reefs, bizarre rock formations, islands, caves, and waterfalls in the nearby jungle.

  Richard Dorings information:  
  Khao Lak Sunset Beach

The 500 m long, golden sandy beach, bordered by two green hills, with rocks extending into the sea, one of these rocky outcrops is known as Elephant rock, and is suitable for children to play on. Below the road, two resorts are in close proximity to the southern slope. The northern hill has some high class bungalows that are also available for holiday rental. The forest of the National Park rises to an amphitheatre immediately behind the road. In the monsoon season this region is very humid, this can sometimes make sun bathing uncomfortable.




at Sunset Beach of Khao Lak (2014)


Bungalows at Sunset Beach (15K)


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 No easy choice among these picturesque resorts...
  Sunset Beach (600 yards of sandy beach, from KM 56.8 to 58.5):
Baan Krating Resort
(23 bungalows)

Baan Krating Resort (3K)

Baan Krating: Beach View (4K)

2 stars



44 Euro

Tel: +66 076-485188

Richard Doring's information: Very nice, small bungalows built from natural materials in the slope below the road and having the best view of the Khao Lak beach as far as Laem Pakarang, 23 large aircon bungalows with minibar, nice restaurant, small beach with big trees. Friendly staff.

Khao Lak
Sunset Resort

(60 rooms)

Sunset Resort: New hotel complex (3K)

Sunset Resort: Standard room (4K)

3 Sterne

2600, 2800
& 3300 Baht


52, 56 & 66 Euro

Tel: +66 76 485075

Richard Doring's information: 4 storied terrace hotel located on the hillside as well as a 3 storied hotel complex with large clean rooms and aircon, partly built with timber, balcony's facing the beach, some with fantastic view, some rooms with connecting door; good restaurant with bar on the beach.

Khao Lak Palm Beach Resort

Klick zum Resort

Klick zu den Zimmern

3 Sterne

- 4350


70 - 95 Euro

Tel: +66 76-429200

Richard Doring's information: Double bungalows closely grouped and built in the Thai style, comfortably furnished, mature layout with 2 nice pools, spa, health centre and a restaurant overlooking the pool towards the beach.

Khao Lak
Bayfront Resort

(22 bungalows and
52 rooms)

Klick zum Resort

Klick zu den Zimmern

3 Sterne

- 3600


55 - 79 Euro

Tel: +66 76 485641

Richard Doring's information:

Khaolak Paradise Resort
(30 rooms)

New !

Special rates
on request

4 Sterne

5600, 8900, 10600


122, 194, 231 Euro

Tel: +66 76 429100

Richard Doring's information: 6 attractive bungalows on the beach surrounded by palms, 24 rooms in small houses on the slope under trees, swimming pool and a restaurant nearby on the beach. Fantastic jungle walkway from the reception area down to the beach area.

Khaolak Wanaburee Resort
(18 suites)

Khaolak Wanaburee: Landscape

Wanaburee: Room in a villa

4 Sterne

5500, 7000, 10000, 16000


137, 175, 250, 400 Euro

Tel: +66 76-485333

Richard Doring's information: Small, exklusive bungalow resort, 34 luxurious rooms in beautiful cottages and houses in 4 different types of buildings, very spacious with 51 and 62 sqm area, very tropical green garden, restaurant, Spa, bar and pool near the beach.

Wanaburee: Layout

Khao Lak Resort
(79 rooms,
48 bungalows)

Khaolak Resort: Deluxe Bungalow (4K)

Khaolak Resort: Pool (4K)

4 Sterne

3900 - 5600


85 - 122 Euro

Tel: +66 76-428111

Richard Doring's information: Big arrangement on the slope, with multistorey hotel buildings in the jungle (3900 Baht) and bungalows (4750 or 5600 Baht) as well as Luxury Villas (16300 or 18000 Baht) on the beach and behind it. Pool, restaurant, diving base and stores.

All prices run from November till April and are per room or bungalow for 1 or 2 guests (incl. breakfast).
Surcharge for an extra bed applies, although toddlers sharing their parents bed is free.
In the low season (from May to October) a discount of 50% is normally granted.
Transfer from Phuket Airport to the Resort from 1500 Baht per trip.

 May we (Richard and Dagmar) help you to book your holiday bungalow at Khao Lak for you?

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Sunset Beach - Khao Lak

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